Millions of Americans Lack Access to Emergency Help

For any emergency, 911 is the go to phone call for all of us, except for the 37 million Americans who can't hear or speak out loud. Our free mobile web app instantly translates text to a 911 phone call with the relevant information, in real time, at scale, in multiple languages.


How it Works

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    Quick & Secure

    Using your phone, visit In few clicks, 911 is contacted. Security measures in place protecting your data and preventing spam.

  • type

    Specify Emergency Type

    Helps the call taker understand the appropriate emergency response. Paramedic and/or EMT? Sirens blazing? With the speed of traffic or not?

  • location

    Specific Location

    Automatically sends realtime address and allows user to specify emergency location. Apartment number, floor number.

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    Works with Legacy Technlogy

    AccesSOS converts text to voice and call 911 on the user's behalf, playing details to dispatchers on a quick loop, providing access to the 70% that don't have it.

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    Two Way Communication

    In areas where text to 911 is deployed (in 30% of 911 call centers), call takers and users can communicate further.

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    Limited English Proficiency Users

    Spanish, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Persian, French users can reach out for help.

How to help?

  • DONATE to make this nationwide
  • VOLUNTEERdonating your time helps us grow faster
  • PARTNER corporate sponsorships, advocacy groups

Our Funders

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Next Steps

  • Nonprofit: 501(c)(3): this app will always be free to use for the public
  • Piloting in New Mexico
  • Integrating mental health, homelessness, and crisis intervention solutions
  • Integrate other languages (Arabic, Hindi, Tagalog, Russian, German, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese-traditional, Punjabi, Japanese)
  • Help 911 call centers thoroughly test text to 911
  • Spread awareness that text to 911 is available in their city/municipality
  • Maintain the technology regardless of any updates to the device’s operating system or the app itself (device agnostic)