Making emergency help accessible for Everyone

People who are deaf or hard of hearing
People with speech disabilities or limited English proficiency
Domestic violence survivors

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MILLION Americans
can't hear or speak out loud
of 911 call centers
can't receive texts

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Our Story

accesSOS is a tech nonprofit organization on a mission to make emergency help accessible. Our vision is communication access for all.
Our founder

Meet Gabriella Wong , the CEO and founder of accesSOS.

“Both of my parents are deaf, so we communicate using American Sign Language. When my father got into a car accident, he texted me to call 911 for him. What if he wasn’t able to reach me? This nightmare became a reality when my father had a gallbladder rupture. He was all alone and I didn’t see his texts for help in time. During one of the most vulnerable, desperate moments of his life, he couldn’t contact 911 to get help. He almost died because of this inequity. These personal experiences motivate me to keep doing the hard work of fixing this problem.”

- Forbes


Thanks to our funders and individual donors, accesSOS is completely free for all to use
Fast Forward
Black Rock
Camelback Ventures
Roddenberry Foundation
Pager Duty
Thomson Reuters Foundation
UC Berkeley School of Information
University of San Francisco
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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San Fransico Chronicle
ABC 7 News
Founded by women

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