How it works

You provide the information, we alert (911) emergency services


Step 1

The essentials

Your location

We automatically get your address using the phone’s GPS data. Verify to make sure it’s accurate.

Select your emergency

Specify which emergency service you need for your situation.


Step 2

Your Safety

About safety

We want to check to make sure you are safe. This information will help determine the response of police to the situation, including how many units and equipment they will bring in with them.


Step 3 (Optional)

Additional details

Details about your emergency

In situations where you need to quickly specify your emergency, you can choose from these emergency scenarios.

Add more about your location

Additional details like apartment or floor number will make it easier for first responders to locate you.


All done!

Contacting 911

What we do

We send this information to dispatch so they can make the best decision on how to send help to you.


Automatically pairs with the language your phone uses


Works with most phones

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Text to call

Instantly translates text to a 911 voice call

Real time

911 dispatchers are notified of your emergency immediately

Free to use

Our nonprofit organization will never charge people for access to emergency services and will never sell your data


We make sure the 911 dispatcher receives all the details

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